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New series: G20 Policy Papers

The new series “G20 Policy Papers” is open for papers which contain recommendations or visions for G20 decision makers.

In light of our proliferating global problems, multilateral decision making is more important than ever. But cooperation across national and cultural lines is under threat. "G20 Policy Papers" focus on all major topics on the G20 agendas or topics that should be considered by the G20. Papers must be based on research results, but written in a nontechnical language to address readers from policy making backgrounds. With this new series we would like to encourage an open dialogue on G20 policies based on scientific insights. We invite submissions as of now.


New special issue open for submissions: The economics of social status

Journal Articles

  • June 28, 2017 |
  • Downloads: 373 |
  • JEL: D50, D60, F4, F63, O11
Mayvis Rebeira, Paul Grootendorst, Peter C. Coyte, and Victor Aguirregabiria
Does rising income inequality affect mortality rates in advanced economies?
  • May 30, 2017 |
  • Downloads: 664 |
  • JEL: I1, C1
Stefano Cabras, Jan Fidrmuc, and Juan de Dios Tena
Minimum wage and employment: escaping the parametric straitjacket
  • May 29, 2017 |
  • Downloads: 1052 |
  • JEL: C23, C11, C14, J3, J4

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Discussion Papers

Joachim von Braun, Ashok Gulati, and Homi Kharas
Key policy actions for sustainable land and water use to serve people
  • June 27, 2017 |
  • Downloads: 27 |
  • JEL: F53, Q10, Q18, Q28
  • | discussible
Tim Maurer, Ariel Levite, and George Perkovich
Toward a global norm against manipulating the integrity of financial data
  • June 23, 2017 |
  • Downloads: 59 |
  • JEL: F50, F55, G15, H87, K24, K33
  • | 1 comment
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  • June 20, 2017 |
  • Downloads: 59 |
  • JEL: G12, G14, G17
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