Global Governance—Challenges and Proposals for Reform

Editor: Dennis Snower, Kiel Institute for the World Economy


Global Governance has become an exciting issue in the current public debate. It is obvious that in many areas, the existing international economic systems need to be reformed in response to the new challenges posed by current political, social and environmental changes in the World Economy. As a response to these developments, we plan to provide a Special Issue "Global Governance: Challenges and Proposals for Reform" in the Policy Papers section of Economics. We especially encourage the submission of papers that go beyond the mere analysis of recent developments and the identification of shortcomings of the present system, and provide concrete proposals for a reform. The proposals could address a reform of existing institutional arrangements, or the creation of new arrangements. Papers are supposed to be policy-oriented.


Kjell Hausken and John F. Knutsen
An Enabling Mechanism for the Creation, Adjustment, and Dissolution of States and Governmental Units
November 04, 2010 | downloads: 3824 | JEL: H11, H4, H5
Helmut Reisen
The Multilateral Donor Non-System: Towards Accountability and Efficient Role Assignment
February 01, 2010 | downloads: 4336 | JEL: F35, O19
Edward B. Barbier
Global Governance: The G20 and a Global Green New Deal
January 13, 2010 | downloads: 6707 | JEL: F59, H87, O13, O19, Q01 | 1 citations (RePEc)
Jeffry Frieden
Global Governance of Global Monetary Relations: Rationale and Feasibility
March 09, 2009 | downloads: 4692 | JEL: F42, H87
Scott Barrett
Rethinking Global Climate Change Governance
March 03, 2009 | downloads: 7813 | JEL: F18, F51, F53, Q54

Discussion Papers

Duane W. Rockerbie and Stephen T. Easton
Commercial Banks, Default Insurance and IMF Reforms
August 28, 2009 | downloads: 2086 | JEL: F33, F34 | discussible | 6 comments