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Articles in Economics are Economics Discussion Papers – mostly revised versions – that have been selected for publication as journal articles as result of the referee process and the public peer review process. In the ongoing open assessment of published articles registered readers are asked to take part in the evaluation process by uploading comments.

Articles in Economics are Economics Discussion Papers – mostly revised versions – that have been selected for publication as journal articles as result of the referee process and the public peer review process. In the ongoing open assessment of published articles registered readers are asked to take part in the evaluation process by uploading comments.

Articles in Economics are Economics Discussion Papers – mostly revised versions – that have been accepted for publication as journal articles as result of the open peer review process. In the ongoing open assessment of published articles registered readers are asked to take part in the evaluation process by uploading comments.

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JournalPaper Pricing Damaged Goods
JournalPaper Uncertain Retirement and the Effects of Social Insurance on Savings, Wealth, and Welfare
JournalPaper Long Run Macroeconomic Relations in the Global Economy
JournalPaper Taking a DSGE Model to the Data Meaningfully
JournalPaper An Idealized View of Financial Intermediation
JournalPaper Hidden Economies and the Socially Optimal Fiscal-Tax to Liquidity-Tax Ratio
JournalPaper Some Flexible Parametric Models for Partially Adaptive Estimators of Econometric Models
JournalPaper Evaluating Inflation Targeting Using a Macroeconometric Model
JournalPaper Shadow Economies and Corruption All Over the World: Revised Estimates for 120 Countries
JournalPaper Seigniorage
JournalPaper Learning Causal Relations in Multivariate Time Series Data
JournalPaper Asymmetry and Spillover Effects in the North American Equity Markets
JournalPaper Wage Dispersion, Over-Qualification, and Reder Competition
JournalPaper Testing for Breaks in Cointegrated Panels - with an Application to the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle
JournalPaper Technology Shocks and Employment in Open Economies
JournalPaper A Simple Note on Informational Cascades
JournalPaper Science and Ideology in Economic, Political and Social Thought
JournalPaper How Much Do Perceptions of Corruption Really Tell Us?
JournalPaper Monetary Policy and Swedish Unemployment Fluctuations
JournalPaper Welfare Effects of Intellectual Property in a North-South Model of Endogenous Growth with Comparative Advantage
JournalPaper Measuring Long-Run Exchange Rate Pass-Through
JournalPaper Uncover Latent PPP by Dynamic Factor Error Correction Model (DF-ECM) Approach: Evidence from Five OECD Countries
JournalPaper A Model of an Optimum Currency Area
JournalPaper Modeling the Effects of Financial Constraints on Firm's Investment
JournalPaper Do News Shocks Drive Business Cycles? Evidence from German Data
JournalPaper Production Constraints and the NAIRU
JournalPaper Growing up to Financial Stability
JournalPaper Is Old Money Better than New? Duration and Monetary Regimes
JournalPaper A Model of the IMF as a Coinsurance Arrangement
JournalPaper Are All Measures of International Reserves Created Equal? An Empirical Comparison of International Reserve Ratios
JournalPaper A Long-Run Structural Macroeconometric Model for Germany: An Empirical Note
JournalPaper The Single Currency’s Effects on Eurozone Sectoral Trade: Winners and Losers?
JournalPaper Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in Macedonia: Old Wisdoms and New Insights
JournalPaper What Do Micro Price Data Tell Us on the Validity of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve?
JournalPaper Measuring Real Value and Inflation
JournalPaper On the Explosive Nature of Hyper-Inflation Data
JournalPaper Global Factors, Unemployment Adjustment and the Natural Rate
JournalPaper The New Keynesian Phillips Curve Tested on OECD Panel Data
JournalPaper Testing the New Keynesian Model on U.S. and Euro Area Data
JournalPaper The Social Cost of Carbon: Trends, Outliers and Catastrophes
JournalPaper Random Matrix Theory and Macro-Economic Time-Series: An Illustration Using the Evolution of Business Cycle Synchronisation, 1886–2006
JournalPaper The Impact of Tax and Market Distortions on the Phillips Curve and the Natural Rate of Unemployment
JournalPaper Level, Slope, Curvature: Characterising the Yield Curve in a Cointegrated VAR Model
JournalPaper West-East Convergence in the Prevalence of Cannabis Use: Socioeconomics or Culture?
JournalPaper The Debt-Growth Nexus in Poor Countries: A Reassessment
JournalPaper Inflation Targeting Is a Success, So Far: 100 Years of Evidence from Swedish Wage Contracts
JournalPaper Game of Organizing International Cricket: Co-Existence of Country-Line and Club-Line Games
JournalPaper Evaluating the New Keynesian Phillips Curve under VAR-based Learning
JournalPaper Should We Trust the Empirical Evidence from Present Value Models of the Current Account?
JournalPaper The Demand for Currency Substitution
JournalPaper Bridging Economic Theory Models and the Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Model
JournalPaper The New Growth Theories and Their Empirics after Twenty Years
JournalPaper The Balassa–Samuelson Hypothesis in Developed Countries and Emerging Market Economies: Different Outcomes Explained
JournalPaper Social Security’s Five OASI Inflation Indexing Problems
JournalPaper Balassa-Samuelson and Wage, Price and Unemployment Dynamics in the Spanish Transition to EMU Membership
JournalPaper Rethinking Global Climate Change Governance
JournalPaper Global Governance of Global Monetary Relations: Rationale and Feasibility
JournalPaper Structure and Temporal Change of the Credit Network between Banks and Large Firms in Japan
JournalPaper Forecast Evaluation of Explanatory Models of Financial Variability
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JournalPaper Economists, Incentives, Judgment, and the European CVAR Approach to Macroeconometrics
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JournalPaper The Pre-Eminence of Theory versus the European CVAR Perspective in Macroeconometric Modeling
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JournalPaper Power-Law and Log-Normal Distributions in Temporal Changes of Firm-Size Variables
JournalPaper Now or Never: Environmental Protection under Hyperbolic Discounting
JournalPaper The “Credit–Cost Channel” of Monetary Policy. A Theoretical Assessment
JournalPaper Distribution of Labour Productivity in Japan over the Period 1996–2006
JournalPaper A Dynamic Probabilistic Version of the Aoki–Yoshikawa Sectoral Productivity Model
JournalPaper DSGE Models and Central Banks
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JournalPaper Macroeconomic Relaxation: Adjustment Processes of Hierarchical Economic Structures
JournalPaper Implicit Microfoundations for Macroeconomics
JournalPaper Challenges Associated with the Expansion of Deposit Insurance Coverage during Fall 2008
JournalPaper A Model of Eco-Efficiency and Recycling
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JournalPaper Superstatistics of Labour Productivity in Manufacturing and Nonmanufacturing Sectors
JournalPaper Does Macroeconomics Need Microeconomic Foundations?
JournalPaper Discounting for Climate Change
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JournalPaper Should We Discount the Far-Distant Future at Its Lowest Possible Rate?
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JournalPaper Siblings, Not Triplets: Social Preferences for Risk, Inequality and Time in Discounting Climate Change
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JournalPaper On the Relation between Discounting of Climate Change and Edgeworth-Pareto Substitutability
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JournalPaper Special Issue on Using Econometrics for Assessing Economic Models—An Introduction
JournalPaper Climate Policy Options and the World Trade Organization
JournalPaper Social Policy Targeting and Binary Information Transfer between Surveys
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JournalPaper Network Structure of Japanese Firms. Scale-Free, Hierarchy, and Degree Correlation: Analysis from 800,000 Firms
JournalPaper Avoiding Extinction: Equal Treatment of the Present and the Future
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JournalPaper On the Effects of Selective Below-Cost Pricing in a Vertical Differentiation Model
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JournalPaper Inventory Investment and the Real Interest Rate
JournalPaper Minority Voting and Public Project Provision
JournalPaper The Universal Shape of Economic Recession and Recovery after a Shock
JournalPaper The Nature of Equilibrium in Macroeconomics: A Critique of Equilibrium Search Theory
JournalPaper The Information Content and Redistribution Effects of State and Municipal Rating Changes in Mexico
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JournalPaper Additive Damages, Fat-Tailed Climate Dynamics, and Uncertain Discounting
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JournalPaper Addressing the Psychology of Financial Markets
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JournalPaper Heterogeneous Parameter Uncertainty and the Timing of Investment during Crisis
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JournalPaper Endogenous Technology Sharing in R&D Intensive Industries
JournalPaper Global Governance: The G20 and a Global Green New Deal
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JournalPaper A Tale of Two Debt Crises: A Stochastic Optimal Control Analysis
JournalPaper Statistical Theories of Income and Wealth Distribution
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JournalPaper The Multilateral Donor Non-System: Towards Accountability and Efficient Role Assignment
JournalPaper Selection Wages and Discrimination
JournalPaper Disclosure Requirements, the Release of New Information and Market Efficiency: New Insights from Agent-based Models
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JournalPaper Transaction Taxes and Traders with Heterogeneous Investment Horizons in an Agent-Based Financial Market Model
JournalPaper Ex-Ante Regulation and Ex-Post Liability under Uncertainty and Irreversibility: Governing the Coexistence of GM Crops
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