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No. 2019-43 | October 25, 2019
Paradigm shifts


 The author studies the evolution of the number of coexisting beliefs in a financial market. Crucially, he undertakes to do so in a framework where the paradigms, beliefs, and models driving agents behavior are left totally unspecified; i.e., the author does not make any parametric or non-parametric model assumptions. The overreaching aim of this exercise is to characterise the dynamic of the variety of beliefs in an auction-based financial market independently of any assumptions on agents behaviors. The resulting framework may be seen as an abstract agent-based model. In a computer experiment the authors exhibits a cycle between two states, so that either all agents act according to the same belief, or there is no leading belief; i.e., there is one dominating belief, or none. Further, the author finds that the frequency of this cycle is positively linked to the quality of the information available to the agents.

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Pierre-André Guy Maugis (2019). Paradigm shifts. Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 13 (2019-43): 1–8.

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