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No. 2019-13 | February 11, 2019
Takeaways from the Special Issue on The Practice of Replication
(Published in Special Issue The practice of replication)


In July 2017, Economics: The Open Access, Open Assessment E-Journal issued a call for papers for a special issue on “The Practice of Replication.” In that call, the journal explained that there was no generally accepted procedure for how to do a replication. Likewise, there was no generally accepted standard for determining whether a replication “confirms or disconfirms” an original study. Accordingly, the journal called for papers to identify principles for how to do a replication and how to interpret its results; and to apply those principles in crafting a replication plan for a study of the author’s choosing. The hope was that this exercise would produce some progress on “the practice of replication.” The special issue is now complete with a total of eight journal articles. This commentary places the respective articles within a common framework and identifies observations and lessons learned from the respective studies.

JEL Classification:

C10, C18, C50


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W. Robert Reed (2019). Takeaways from the Special Issue on The Practice of Replication. Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 13 (2019-13): 1–11.

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