Journal Article
No. 2015-5 | February 05, 2015
Henrik Vetter
Incentives in Supply Function Equilibrium


The author analyses delegation in homogenous duopoly under the assumption that firm-managers compete in supply functions. He reverses earlier findings in that owners give managers incentives to act in an accommodating way. That is, optimal delegation reduces per-firm output and increases profits to above-Cournot profits. Moreover, in supply function equilibrium, the mode of competition is endogenous. This means that the author avoids results that are sensitive with respect to assuming either Cournot or Bertrand competition.

JEL Classification:

D22, D43, L22


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Henrik Vetter (2015). Incentives in Supply Function Equilibrium. Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 9 (2015-5): 1–20.