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No. 2015-2 | January 15, 2015
Indirect Taxation, Public Pricing and Price Cap Regulation: A Synthesis
(Published as Survey and Overview)


This paper provides a unified vision of a number of results that appeared in three separate streams of literature. The author emphasizes the strong parallelism between the results obtained in a number of papers that analyzed the relationships between price cap regulation, welfare maximization, welfare improvements, distributional preferences and poverty reduction and those originating from the well-established theories of optimal indirect taxation and tax reforms, as well as public pricing.

JEL Classification:

D6, L5


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Edilio Valentini (2015). Indirect Taxation, Public Pricing and Price Cap Regulation: A Synthesis. Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 9 (2015-2): 1–39.

Comments and Questions

Lea Kosnik - Theory vs Applied
January 20, 2015 - 19:00

This is a good paper, my main comment is to ask: Where is the relevance/application? This is definitely a theoretical paper, but even theoretical papers can make a minimal effort to apply their findings. Indeed, in the conclusions section of this paper the author states that "an ...[more]

... enormous amount of empirical investigations" exists in this literature. If there are so many applications to draw from, why not discuss a few and where the results from THIS paper might fit in and shine some light? Another way to put it: Why should we care if these threads of the literature are theoretically unified?

Minor point: years are plural, not possessive. "80's" and "90's" is incorrect. It should simply be 80s and 90s - no apostrophes.