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  1. Eleonora Cavallaro and Bernardo Maggi (2014)
    State of confidence, overborrowing and the macroeconomic stabilization puzzle
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  2. Chiarella Carl, Flaschel Peter, Köper Carsten, Proaño Christian, and Semmler Willi (2012)
    Macroeconomic Stabilization Policies in Intrinsically Unstable Macroeconomies
    View this paper at: RePEc | Citec
  3. Chiarella Carl and Di Guilmi Corrado (2012)
    The Fiscal Cost of Financial Instability
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  4. Toichiro Asada, Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel, Tarik Mouakil, Christian Proaño, and Willi Semmler (2011)
    View this paper at: RePEc | Citec
  5. Soon Ryoo and Peter Skott (2011)
    Public debt and full employment in a stock-flow consistent model of a corporate economy
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  6. Frank Westerhoff (2011)
    Interactions between the real economy and the stock market
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