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Citations of Journalarticle 2009-24

Citation data is based on RePEc's citation analysis at Citec. Metadata for citing articles is provided by webservices at the German National Library of Economics. Please note that this list might not represent the true number of citations of this paper. It merely catches documents stored at RePEc. See http://citec.repec.org/warning.html.

This paper has been cited 6 times (@RePEc)

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  1. Richard S.J. Tol (2013)
    Targets for global climate policy: An overview
    View this paper at: RePEc | Citec
  2. Fabio Sferra and Massimo Tavoni (2013)
    Endogenous Participation in a Partial Climate Agreement with Open Entry: A Numerical Assessment
    View this paper at: RePEc | Citec
  3. John Whitehead, Ben Poulter, Christopher Dumas, and Okmyung Bin (2009)
    Measuring the economic effects of sea level rise on shore fishing
    View this paper at: RePEc | Citec
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    New Frontiers in the Economics of Climate Change
    View this paper at: RePEc | Citec
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    International inequity aversion and the social cost of carbon
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  6. Daiju Narita, Richard S. J. Tol, and David Anthoff (2009)
    International Climate Policy and Regional Welfare Weights
    View this paper at: RePEc | Citec

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