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No. 2018-66 | September 17, 2018
Assessing e-commerce productivity for French micro firms using Propensity Score Matching


The benefits of e-commerce are apparent not only for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large firms, but also for micro firms. Hence, implementing e-sales for micro firms is worth exploring. This study examines the relationship between the use of e-commerce and productivity implications on micro firms in France using Propensity Score Matching (PSM) for the year 2012. Data used in the analysis is based on community survey "ICT & e-commerce" for micro firms. The main objective of using PSM is to assess productivity between, on the one hand, e-selling micro firms and, on the other hand, the non e-selling micro firms. The empirical results show that e-selling micro firms are more productive and have a higher turnover in 2012.

JEL Classification:

L81, O30


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Fadila Ouaida and Samer El Hajjar (2018). Assessing e-commerce productivity for French micro firms using Propensity Score Matching. Economics Discussion Papers, No 2018-66, Kiel Institute for the World Economy. http://www.economics-ejournal.org/economics/discussionpapers/2018-66

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