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  1. García Redondo, Antonio José, and Rocío Román Collado (2014)
    An economic valuation of renewable electricity promoted by feed-in system in Spain
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  2. Chris Hope (2013)
    Critical issues for the calculation of the social cost of CO<Subscript>2</Subscript>: why the estimates from PAGE09 are higher than those from PAGE2002
    View this paper at: RePEc | Citec
  3. Jonathan Pycroft, Lucia Vergano, Chris Hope, Daniele Paci, and Juan Carlos Ciscar (2011)
    A tale of tails: Uncertainty and the social cost of carbon dioxide
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  4. David N. Silverstein (2011)
    Using a harmonized carbon price framework to finance the Green Climate Fund
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  5. Simon Dietz (2011)
    The treatment of risk and uncertainty in the US social cost of carbon for regulatory impact analysis
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