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No. 2011-32 | August 15, 2011
Modelling Trades-Through in a Limited Order Book Using Hawkes Processes


We model trades-through, i.e. transactions that reach at least the second level of limit orders in an order book. Using tick-by-tick data on Euronext-traded stocks, we show that a simple bivariate Hawkes process fits nicely our empirical observations of trades-through. We show that the cross-influence of bid and ask trades-through is weak.

Paper submitted to the special issue
New Approaches in Quantitative Modeling of Financial Markets

JEL Classification:

C32, C51, G14


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Ioane Muni Toke and Fabrizio Pomponio (2011). Modelling Trades-Through in a Limited Order Book Using Hawkes Processes. Economics Discussion Papers, No 2011-32, Kiel Institute for the World Economy. http://www.economics-ejournal.org/economics/discussionpapers/2011-32

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