Curriculum Vitae - Yury Maksimenko

Yury Maksimenko, Scientific degree: Ph.D. in the theory of automatic control, 1965 Date of birth: 3 June 1936 Gender: M Professional experience: aircraft production, combustion of fuels, energy systems analysis Current affiliation: independent researcher Affiliation relevant to economics: 1977 - 1990, Energy Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Publications relevant to economics: 1. Maksimenko Yu. F., "Flexibility of energy systems as a property of macrostructure", monograph by V.A. Smirnov "The problems of flexibility in energy systems", Moscow, publ. "NAUKA", chapter 12, pp.169 - 189., 1989, (Russian) 2. Maksimenko Yu. F. "Economic way of Russia: cybernetic aspect", Proceedings of the International Union of economists and the Free Economic Society of Russia", v. three, Moscow - Saint-Petersburg, pp. 249 - 254, 1996, (Russian)