Curriculum Vitae - Val Samonis

INTRO: Educated internationally, Val Samonis (PhD, CPC) gained over three decades of cross-functional research, teaching/training, knowledge management, and advisory experience combining theoretical and hands-on empirical approaches to business, technology, and education frontiers globally. Expert in the Internet-based and other high-tech methods of knowledge management, teaching, and problem solving, he is an outside-of-the-box thinker and people-oriented intercultural communicator (fluent in English, German, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian; good knowledge of other languages) with many important contacts in emerging markets, Europe, and North America. CORE EXPERIENCE: Dr. Val Samonis has worked with top business and education leaders and reformers in many countries, e.g. Harvard President Larry Summers, Nobel Laureates in Economics and Finance (Tobin, Arrow, Solow, Leontieff, Klein), Advisory to The British Commonwealth of Nations’ “Commonwealth of Learning” on modern online and blended university education, The Royal Roads University President’s Globalization Expert Commission, Advisory to the Academic Dean, Lansbridge University, Polish Deputy Prime Minister L. Balcerowicz, Czech Deputy Prime Minister P. Mertlik, other top experts globally; lectured internationally on trade, investment, digital economy, corporate governance and enterprise restructuring, competitiveness, and other business reform and technology issues in the global economy; and has been extensively published (list of his publications is over 30 pages long). He managed and/or worked in international research and advisory ("blue ribbon") teams sponsored by The African Capacity Building Foundation (G-7 countries and global institutions), The Hudson Institute, World Bank, The OECD-World Bank Private Sector Advisory Group on Corporate Governance, CASE Warsaw, Soros Foundations, The Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI Bonn), Joint Committee on Corporate Governance (Canada), ACCC/CIDA (Canada), and a number of governments, e.g. in Baltic States, Poland, Canada. Val served as an advisor to the Czech Government, the Lithuanian Parliament, international organizations (e.g. UNCTAD, WTO), and multinational corporations (e.g. Medley Global Advisors, Andersen Consulting). Dr. Samonis has been teaching online, onsite, and his DMI(SM) dual-mode comprehensive and specialized courses in Global Management/Business, Frontiers in Emerging Markets (technological and geographical), Corporate Governance and Finance, Global Knowledge Economy, as well as supervising graduate (MBA, MA, PhD) students at the University of Toronto (Canada), University of Maryland (USA), Center for University Studies (USA & Mexico), Warsaw School of Economics (Poland), University of Tasmania (Australia), The Center for European Integration Studies (Germany), Vilnius University (Lithuania), and other institutions internationally. MORE: