Cooperation in Conferences

The e-journal Economics cooperates in several conferences and workshop (see below), and is willing to invest further efforts to increase its cooperation in the future.
2011 Annual Meeting of the Association of Southern European Economic Theorists (ASSET 2011)
27–29 October 2011, Evora, Portugal
Meta-Analysis of Economics Research Network (MAER-Net) Colloquium
September 17-18, 2011 Wolfson College, U. of Cambridge, UK
2nd International Workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing
Date: 4 November 2011; Place: ISEG, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Resources, Capital or Personnel? Perspectives on Wellbeing at Work
20-22 September, Bournemouth, UK
Regulations, Capital Markets, and Financial Institutions: The Post Crisis Era
13-14 June 2011, Chania, Crete, Greece
Third Joint OEI/APB Summer Academy on Central and Eastern Europe, Topic: Energy and Environment in Eastern Europe
June 29–July 1, 2011, Tutzing on Lake Starnberg near Munich
6th European Workshop on Labour Markets and Demographic Change
7–8 April 2011, Vienna, Austria
Climate Economics and Law Conference
16 and 17 June 2011, Bern, Switzerland
Special Session in "Tourism Externality" ERSA Congress: European Regional Science Association (ERSA)
August 30 – September 3 2011, Barcelona, Spain
VICO Final Conference "Entrepreneurial Finance: The Real Impact"
29 June-1 July 2011, Stresa, Italy
The Role of the Government in the Economy
27 May 2011, Porto, Portugal
Industrial Organization: Theory, Empirics and Experiments
June 23–24, 2011, Otranto (Lecce), Italy
Increasing Labor Market Flexibility – Boon or Bane?
March 18–19, 2011, Nuremberg, Germany
International Political Economy and Cross-Border Effects
April 28, 2011, University of London, UK
2nd Workshop on the Economics of ICTs
31 March–1 April, 2011, Évora, Portugal
CSAE 2011 Conference on Economic Development in Africa
20–22 March 2011, Oxford
IWH/INFER-Workshop on Applied Economics and Economic Policy
February 14th and 15th 2011, Halle (Saale), Germany
Equality of Opportunity: Concepts, Measures and Policy Implications
May 5-6 2011, Università La Sapienza, Roma
Mainz Workshop in Labour Economics
February 18, 2011, University of Mainz, Germany
The 2011 Southern Workshop of Macroeconomics (SWIM)
March 18-19, 2011, Auckland, New Zealand