Cooperation in Conferences

The E-journal Economics cooperates in several conferences and workshop (see below), and is willing to invest further efforts to increase its cooperation in the future.
Macroeconometric Workshop 2010
Berlin, November, 26-27, 2010
IV Intertic Conference on Competition in High-Tech Markets
University of Milan, Bicocca, October 11-12, 2010
Workshop „Modeling Technology and Climate Change“
Kiel, October 14–15, 2010
Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade, DEGIT–XV
September 3–4, 2010, Frankfurt, Germany
International Workshop on “Economics of Global Interactions: New Perspectives on Trade, Factor Mobility and Development”
Bari (Italy), 6–7 September 2010
4th Annual Conference on the Political Economy of International Organizations
January 27-29, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland
CFS Conference on Household Finance
Athens, Greece; September 23–24, 2010
XIX Meeting of the Economics of Education Association
Zaragoza, Spain; July 8th-9th 2010
2nd Conference on Recent Developments in Macroeconomics
Mannheim, Germany; June 24 and 25, 2010
18th European Economics Education Conference
Manchester, United Kingdom; 25–28 August 2010
12th EUNIP – European Network on Industrial Policy International Conference
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Reus, Spain; 9–11 June, 2010
VII STOREP Conference on the History of Political Economy
Trento, Italy; 30 May 2010 to 1 June 2010
Monte Verità Conference on Sustainable Resource Use and Economic Dynamics – SURED 2010
Ascona/Switzerland; June 7–10, 2010
Campus for Finance - Research Conference 2011
WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar, Germany; January 12 & 13, 2011
2010 Workshop on Public Economics and Growth
Santiago de Chile; May 7–8, 2010
XXV National Conference of Labour Economics
Università G. D’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara, Italy; 9–10 September 2010
The workshop of the Regional Studies Research Network on Geographical Localisation, Intersectoral Reallocation of Labour and Unemployment Differentials (GLUNLAB-3)
University of Bologna, Rimini, Italy 10th June 2010
Conference on Monetary and Fiscal Policy for Macroeconomic Stability
Pavia, Italy 18–19 June 2010