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Wang, Zanxin (Yunnan University)
Wang, Yonglian (Jilin University of Finance and Economics)
Waqas, Muhammad (University of Sargodha)
Warin, Thierry (SKEMA Business School)
Warin, Thierry (Middlebury College)
Warne, Anders (European Central Bank)
Wasekar, Annasaheb (Arts and commerce college nagthane(MH) India)
Watson, Bryan (EP Enterprises)
wauthy, xavier (CEREC, FUSL & CORE, UcL)
Weber, Enzo (Freie Universität Berlin, Universität Mannheim)
Weber Abramo, Claudio (Transparencia Brasil)
Webster, Elizabeth (University of Melbourne)
Wegener, Michael (University of Bamberg)
wei-bin, zhang (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
weigel, eric (Global Focus Capital LLC)
Weikard, Hans-Peter (Wageningen University)
Weiss, Thomas (University of Kansas and NBER)
Wells, Julian (Kingston University)
Wendner, Ronald (University of Graz)