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Amirmoeini, Kimia (AUD)
Ammari, Aymen (High Business School of Tunis, University of Manouba, Tunisia.)
Amonde, Tom (CMI)
Amoranto, Ruel (Smcl)
amoranto, ruel (st michaels college of laguna)
AN, yilong (Tianjin University of Finance and Economic Peral River College)
Anagu, Charles Iyke (FUTO-NIGERIA)
Anani, Luke (Student)
Andaregie, Adino (Injibara University)
Andersen, Thomas Barnebeck (University of Southern Denmark)
Anderson, Heather (Australian National University)
Anderson, Gordon (University of Toronto)
Anderson, Ariana (McGill University)
Anderson, Damon (Monash University)
Andrade, Rogério Emilio (Advocacia-Geral da União)
Andrei, Dalina-Maria (Institute of Economic Forecasting, Bucharest )
Andren, Thomas (Göteborg university)
ANDRES, Francisco (Real Instituto Elcano)
Andresen, Trond (Norwegian University of Science and Technology )
Anees, Muhammad (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology)