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Ramos, Raul (AQR-IREA (University of Barcelona))
Rana, Shailendra (Lucknow University,Uttar Pradesh,India)
Ranathunga, Seetha (university of Kelaniya)
Rands, Sean (University of Bristol)
RANIA, AICHA (high School of technologie )
rapelly, sreenivas (Department of Economics)
rapelly, srinivas (Highschool)
Rasagaran, Thamotharan (University of Malaya)
Rasheed, Farooq (PAF KIET)
Rasmusen, Eric (Indiana U. )
Raspe, Otto (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Utrecht University)
Ratha, Artatrana (St Cloud State University)
Ratkovic, Kruna (Mediterranean University)
Rawski, Thomas (University of Pittsburgh)
Razak, Ridwan (Phd student)
Rea, Bill (University of Canterbury)
Reade, J. James (University of Oxford)
Reader, Mark (University of Cambridge)
Rebeira, Mayvis (University of Toronto)