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Saade, Radwan (U.S. Small Business Administration)
Sabarwal, Tarun (Washington University in Saint Louis)
Sabatini, Fabio (University of Siena)
Sabolic, Dubravko (Croatian Transmission System Operator; and University of Zagreb)
Sacht, Stephen (Kiel University)
Sadat, Nafis (Vancouver School of Economics, The University of British Columbia)
Sadiq, Sadaqatullah (MRRD)
Saekel, Ruediger (private)
saha, sanjoy (d r college)
Sahagun, Alfredo (Procompetencia)
sahu, santosh kumar (IIT Bombay)
Sahu, Basanta (Indian Institute of Foriegn Trade)
Saikia, Dilip (Darrang College)
Saikia, Dilip (Darrang College)
Saiman, Mohd Safri (University Malaysia Sabah)
Saint-Pierre, Nathalie (Innov Conseils)
Sainz, Jorge (Rey Juan carlos University)
Saito, Tetsuya (Nihon University)