Call for papers: Special Issue on "Tourism Externalities" open for submissions

Editors: Bianca Biagi, Economics Department (DEIR) & CRENoS, University of Sassari, Italy and Manuela Pulina, TOMTE, University of Bolzano, CRENoS, Italy

Abstract: The goal of this special session is to have an in-depth exploration of the complexities surrounding tourism and the externalites produced by this economic activity within the local community. As a result of their specific characteristics, the dynamics and evolution of externalities in tourism destinations are different from the developed and industrialized countries, as well as their life cycle. The impact of externalities, either positive or negative, change according to the destination (cities, metropolitan areas, towns or villages). In particular, Island economies face special challenges in achieving sustainable tourism. There still remains a lack of research on tourism externalities issues in the literature.
This special issue aims to explore tourism externalities in developing and developed economies, islands, cities, metropolitan areas, towns and villages. The paper must clearly highlight the link between tourism and the positive (or negative) externality that this activity generates at a local, regional or national level. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcomed.
The abstract should clearly indicate: Aim; Design/methodology/approach; Findings; Practical implications; Originality/value.

Deadline for paper submissions: November 30, 2011