New: Recommend Paper

In addition to commenting and rating you can now simply recommend an interesting article to other readers
As a registered reader of Economics you can participate in the evaluation of articles. This could be done by commenting or/and by rating (1 to 5). In  addition to these methods, that are suitable for a more differentiated assessment of articles, we are now introducing 'Recommendations'. This is a more simple and quicker way to mark an article as interesting and tell other readers that they should have a look at it. Later on these recommendations could also be used for personal favourites lists and similiar stuff.

The new link 'Recommend this Paper' is located right beside the 'classic' rating form. So, if you think an article is interesting, worth reading or whatever and you don't want to take the time to write an comment or rate it: go and click 'Recommend this Paper' and you're done.

Feedback on this new feature is as always greatly appreciated. Please comment below or write an email to