Call for papers: special issue on Food Security and Climate Change

Editor: Shenggen Fan and Jerry Nelson, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC

Abstract: Climate change adds to the challenges to achieve sustainable food security arising from population and income growth. Because food production is critically dependent on local temperature and precipitation conditions, any changes require farmers to adapt their practices locally. At the same time, agriculture is currently responsible for about one-third of total emissions which could continue to increase unless low-emission agricultural development strategies are implemented around the world.

Programs and policies to foster adjustment must be developed nationally and implemented on farm. But most analyses of the food security and climate change have been at the regional level (East Africa, South Asia, etc.). Therefore submissions to the special issue should mainly present original national-level research for, e.g., Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, South Africa, and the US – the most important countries from the perspective of dealing with climate change and food security globally.

Deadline for Paper Submissions: December 15, 2012