Call for papers: special issue on Micro-econometric Analyses of International Firm Activities

Editor: Joachim Wagner, Leuphana University Lueneburg and CESIS, KTH, Stockholm


The study of causes and consequences of various forms of international firm activities is a very active sub-field of international economics. Micro-economic models of internationally active heterogeneous firms guide micro-econometric studies that use data at the firm level to investigate empirically the testable implications of these models. Stylized facts uncovered by looking at the micro data help theorists to build formal models based on assumptions that are not at odds with the real world.

To further stimulate the discussions in this field, Economics–The Open-Access, Open Assessment E-Journal is planning to publish a special issue with papers that use firm-level data for empirical analyses of recent topics that include, but are by no means limited to,

  • the links between R&D and international firm activities
  • the extensive margins of trade, its causes and consequences for firm performance
  • international activities of multi-product firms
  • exports, imports and profitability
  • quality of exported and imported goods and firm performance
  • application of new micro-econometric methods to the analysis of international firm activities

Papers should be submitted electronically at (see Please identify your submission as a contribution to a special issue and mention the title of the special issue in the “letter to the editor”-box.



Deadline for Paper Submissions: February 28, 2015